Less junk – less cleaning. A slobs take on minimalism.

I’m not the cleanest, nor most organized person. In fact, I hate cleaning. Ask anyone that has ever lived with me, I’m a slob in many ways, and that is exactly why I love minimalism. As someone who dreads the task of cleaning, it makes sense to have less stuff right.

A misconception I’ve often encountered in minimalism is, that we are all super organized, love cleaning and only wear black and white. Well, let’s erase that misconception immediately. I’m living proof, minimalism is perfect for lazy slobs like myself.

Less junk – less cleaning is one of my life mottos. If you don’t have a house stacked full of junk, you’ll have less junk to clean, makes sense right. Also, are you aware of how non-excruciating cleaning is when most of the time you’ll actually struggle to make a mess. Amazing right? Who would have thought that the best way to avoid spending time cleaning is simply to give everything a place?

Why should something that I don’t need, and doesn’t bring joy into my life get permission to taunt me by making me clean it. That’s not a good deal, and I’m not accepting it. I’ve been somewhat of a minimalist for my whole life, I’ve never been much of a materialistic person. I guess you’ll want less stuff, if you have to move it from one house to the other on a yearly basis.

As the strange child, or rather tween I was, one of my favourite activities was cleaning out stuff I no longer used. Actually, most of the time when my mother finally forced me to clean my room, I would end up with a trash-bag of stuff to donate, ain’t nobody got time for cleaning stuff I don’t use.

Recently I moved across the country to go to school, and while not typical in Norway – I live on campus. I have a bed, a desk, a closet and the tiniest bathroom you’ll ever see. No, seriously, the door has to be open if you want to sit comfortably on the toilet (great party trick.) Before moving for the second time this year I once again paired down, now absolutely all I own fits in two suitcases. If it weren’t for the backpacking gear, and my huge ass duvet I would probably only need one. So obviously after living here for a month, I needed to go through my closet yet again. Guess what, I have a shopping bag of clothes to donate. I might end up as a nudist if I keep this up. Less clothes – less problems, I guess?

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