De-stressing in a stressful world

As a person who has struggled with anxiety for most of my life I know the importance of taking time to relax. In a world of social media, we are constantly overwhelmed with information, and often always online in some kind of a way. Yes, there are plenty of positive sides of social media, the downside, however is that one can never truly relax.

The benefits of practising relaxation techniques are many, some include:

  • Maintaining normal blood sugar levels
    Reducing the activity of stress hormone
    Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain
    Improving sleep quality
    Lowering fatigue
    Reducing anger and frustration
    Boosting confidence to handle problems

So, this begs the question “how the actual frick do I relax nowadays?” Ah, such a great question, dear viewer, you know best what works for you and what doesn’t. No clue where to start? I’ll give you some tried and successful techniques I do in my own life. (keep in mind – I’m lazy, so basically anyone can do this.)

I’m a night owl by heart, so no matter how great waking up early is, ultimately it will stress me out. If you’re an early riser, first of all how? Second, just do it in the morning. Moving on, in the evenings I first off make a cup of tea in my massive Alice in wonderland cup. Now, how will I enjoy this beautiful beverage I’ve created? I find a comfortable position and find my notebook.

For years I’ve done what I call a “brain dump” every night (I promise, there is nothing minimalist about the number of notebooks I own.)  A brain dump is this majestically simple method where you just write whatever pops into your mind, don’t even think about it, just write.

What is truly relaxing about this is that you release what has been on your mind that day, things you might not even know has been stressing you, and it all comes out in writing. For me, personally I find it easier to de-stress when I actually know what stresses me out, weirdly enough. I work through it in my brain dump, and the next day I start with a fresh sheet – or paper as it were.

Furthermore, I am consequent in telling my loved ones that I do love them. No matter what, after I’ve spoken to them, even if it’s a fight, I tell them I love them. This way I know that if something happens the last words I told them were “I love you” and they will know they are loved.

What do you do to de-stress in an otherwise stressful world?





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