New years resolutions – the pitfall of achiving your goals

Every January the gym fills up with people, by March most of them are gone. What happened to those people who were set on a new lifestyle, and ready to reach their goals? Waiting is what happened. Often times I’ve heard people utter the words ‘I’ll wait until the new years’’, with this they’re referencing the goals they will set, but setting a goal to set a goal really won’t do much. If you weren’t motivated then, that burst of motivation you get in January probably won’t be long-lasting or get you far.

The problem with waiting until new years eve rolls around have been just that, you’re procrastinating, and procrastination is almost never a good start. If you really want to do something, like breaking a bad habit or forming a new one start now. By starting now, you are telling yourself that it’s worth it, and not something you can procrastinate, by the time new years eve rolls around you’ll already have made good progress in reaching your goals.

I do, however, see the appeal of waiting ‘new year – new me’ and all that. It’s a fresh start, but to me that seems like a depressing outlook on life, to only have an annual chance at renewal, and a fresh start only once a year isn’t exactly motivating. I say every day is a chance at renewal and every day is a fresh start, positivity will get you far on your journey to a better you, so why not start now?


17 thoughts on “New years resolutions – the pitfall of achiving your goals

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  1. I agree with this post. I do this it can be a motivational time for everyone but it is also good to have goals throughout the year that you achievable

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  2. Year resolutions is great power. I almost finished my goals for last year (one of them is to do something more so it stays). I don’t know if I could push that far without a list, I goal I have seen right before my eyes

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  3. Such a short and simple article but you definitely learns from reading it. Being positive is a good attitude in everyday lives and I also agree with you that every day is a chance for us to change and renew ourselves.

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  4. I always follow the SMART rule when I do goal setting. My issue is consistency. Sometimes I start out strong and then the enthusiasm wanes and I start losing focus. Next year, I will cut up those goals into small chunks so I don’t get overwhelmed.

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