Pre-fabricated vs. individual

Since childhood, I have been a rebellious kid who often denied the norms, customs, and values we as a society share.

Treating culture as a candy-bag is something I’ve always done, picking out the things that resonate with me, and discarded the rest. This way I only consume what reflects my authentic self, instead of becoming a pre-fabricated result of society.

“I only consume what reflects my authentic self, instead of becoming a pre-fabricated result of society.”

As a gay female I automatically became a part of a subculture, and being a part of one might be why I question some parts of the mainstream society and seek out communities with the same questions as I have.

We long to be understood, for our interests and values to be shared, and when the mainstream society fails to meet those needs we branch out, and this creates subcultures.

These things about us that differ is what makes us an individual, and to create a collective that’s just what you need, individuals.

As my tagline explains, I am a lazy, gay, feminist. Finding these three words to describe myself was a challenge, as I am a believer that you should never reduce yourself to a singular thing, however, to better understand one another that might be necessary. I encourage you to pick up societies candy-bag, and pick what resonates with you, and either be – or create your authentic self.

“Change the world – or at least a part of it, and if not that – your own world. And that’s enough.”

If there are ideas within in our culture that you don’t agree with that’s okay, you can choose not to participate in those ideas. Even though it can be difficult to go against to stream, you will meet others doing the same. Individuals make up the collective, so if you want something to change, be an individual, meet others that share your ideas and values, and inspire others to do the same.

Soon enough, you will have created a new collective, and those norms, customs, and values that your collective share can change the world – or at least a part of it, and if not that – your own world. And that’s enough.


11 thoughts on “Pre-fabricated vs. individual

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  1. I love this post so much. I had a conversation recently with my son explaining to him how even our small actions that demonstrate our differences can be the thing that makes a light bulb turn on in someone else’s head. Be you and do so unapologetically.

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  2. I love your boldness. Like yoh said ; sometimes we get trapped in these created rules by society, we sometimes scared to break them; however not every rule can and should apply to you and if it’s not create yours

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  3. it takes a lot of guts and courage in a society that is so judgmental, but being true and doing you, you keep your individuality. you just don’t exist, rather you become the truest and most unique you that nobody could ever replace 😉 you do you boo!

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  4. I really enjoyed reading this and I think for me, it is so important to stay true to yourself even if you are surrounded by those judgmental people.

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  5. i really appreciate this quote about authenticity, and everything else–– it just really stuck out to me 🙂 it’s so important to do our best to be ourselves… whoever that is. x

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