The explainer and the motivator

What makes a good life?

Is it how much money you earn, how big your house is, how many followers you have? Or is it the relationships you build, your experiences, your own physical and mental well-being?

Figuring out what you need in order to live a good life is a personal process, which I can give no answers to, I can, however, share my experiences. If you enjoy going to the gym everyday be my guest if watching a movie with your partner sparks joy feel free. Habits and routines are the building stones of our life, a singular habit won’t be very noticeable, but when you add up all your habits and routines, good and bad, you can see what kind of lifestyle you’re living.

Examine your habits and routines, some might make you feel great and helps build the life you want to live, and some might be negative, but feel amazing, but be counteractive, in creating the lifestyle you want for yourself. Those are our challenges, we know what we should do, but don’t necessarily have the motivation to either do or stop doing them.

“It’s easy to go for the fast reward, and not be concerned about the long-term effect.”

It’s easy to go for the fast reward, and not be concerned about the long-term effect. And difficult to expose yourself to something that challenges you, and has a reward that is further into the future than you have the ability to see at this time. Reward motivates us, so it is understandable that we often fall back on habits that offer fast rewards, even if it isn’t a permanent solution.

It takes courage to figure out what you need and want, and actually have the resilience to work for it. It takes courage to abandon the road you have created in order to make a better one.

“Finding your why gives you an advantage like no other.”

Finding your why gives you an advantage like no other, but not just why you want to do/don’t do whatever it is that you want to accomplish, but also why do you continue feeding that negative habit.

Your why isn’t just your motivator, but an explainer. The motivator and explainer are of equal importance of the probability of success. The explainer lets you better understand why you need your motivator, and it better equips yourself when faced with obstacles.

Don’t make your why’s superficial, dig deep, don’t make them into an excuse, it is a reason, a motivator, and it deserves to be treated as such.

14 thoughts on “The explainer and the motivator

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  1. This definitely gives a lot to think about. Everyone’s ‘good life’ may be different, depending on the individual, but actually going for the things needed to achieve it is more challenging.

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  2. I have recently been struggling with what I want out of life. Whether it is happiness, moving ahead in my career or something else. Your article has given me food for thought 🙂

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