The extra mile

“If you are able to go the extra mile, you weren’t going the distance to begin with.”
– Randal

One idea I’ve found to be widely accepted is the notion that you can give something a 110%, or go the extra mile. My thinking on this differs a bit, I believe that if you are able to give any more, you haven’t yet reached a 100%, nor walked the distance. Sayings like these, although the intent is to be motivating, are also accepting that you don’t have to give it your all as a rule. While not going full capacity on every task is probably wise, do you really want to live your life at half capacity, and when you do reach your full potential it is treated as a surprise that you were able to?

Personally, I don’t want to live as 50% of who I could be. Potentional, and capacity is a muscle, it can be trained and grow bigger. So if we constantly drift around 70% it won’t get much exercise, and grow any bigger.

“It’s about giving it your all as a rule, instead of as an exemption to it.”

This text isn’t about dissing the quotes you find motivating, or saying that you aren’t giving it your all. It’s about giving it all as a rule, instead of an exemption to it.

I believe that most people have gone through something in life that at the time seemed impossible, maybe you are living it now. Maybe you don’t even think you have any potential right now, but I want you to know that you do. You are reading this right now and that means you’re still here, you got through it, or at least are in the process of getting through it.

When you feel ready, you can start the process of letting go of what is holding you back, we need to stop surviving and start thriving. Live up to your potential, and exceed it by giving it your all every opportunity you get.

“Live up to your potential, and exceed it by giving it your all every oppurtunity you get.”


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  1. Well low self esteem and self confidence is really what’s holding me back because of my past rejections. Yes really rejections.. With an ‘s’. 😢

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  2. I think that there is also room for improvement. When you give 100%, the extra mile is the improvements you can make afterwards. Or is the extras you give, which are always appreciated, especially when it comes to doing business. 100% is relative.

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  3. A very interesting perspective of ones ability… it’s like saying.. “do more than your best” the best is your max potential! Come to think of it.. it’s hard to express and you put so well!!!

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  4. This is something I need to remember every single day! This is a great post to ponder. I love that topic. It shows how we are being formed in our daily living.

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  5. I agree that you if you are able to give more, then you were willing to not give everything. A person can only give 100% (not more) and most only do or give around 60% in my opinion.

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  6. Oh! This quote is one of my faves! “If you are able to go the extra mile, you weren’t going the distance to begin with.”
    – Randal We all need to live to our potential…that’s is why it is so important to do what we love!

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  7. Wise words. I’m with you on this one. Giving it 110% is just empty words, plus it’s not realistic. I believe in giving it my best as oppose to giving it my all. I’d like to leave some of myself for, well, myself. At the end of the day, what matter is participation and not perfection.

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