The productive comfortzone

A repost from my old blog, abirdjustflies.

“Magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.”

“Life happens outside your comfort zone.”

A saying with many different variations, said by many different people. Still, the takeaway is the same. To reach your goals, to live your best life, you must step out of your comfort zone.

The beauty of our comfort zones is that it is like a rubber band, it has the ability to expand, but also contract according to how we use it.

Our comfort zones can be a productive tool on our path to reaching our goals. However, it is important to sometimes retract to this safe place, so that we can breath, and plan our next expansion clear minded. If you pull the band too far, it might snap. In contrast, if you contract it too much, you might not have any room to move around.

Our comfort zones strive to be a place of balance, a place to take a break after travelling outside of it. Its only wish is to help, and therefor stretches a bit every time you move outside of it. This way, the next time you travel outside of it, you’ll be able to walk further.

Instead of rejection it, and labelling it as something for the feeble – as many words meant to inspire does. Show it for what it is – our biggest supporter.

“Life happens when you co-operate with your comfort zone – to expand it.”

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