Making the wrong choice

I think there comes a time in many young adults’ life where they become paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong choice, what if what you end up spending 5 years of your life isn’t what you wanna do. What if you’re not good enough, what if you fail, what if you don’t accomplish enough. Amongst friends, I’ve often had discussions about this, as well as the intense fear of not accomplishing enough, and being afraid to waste our life on something not meaningful. Deciding whether you want to study what you love, or what you’ll actually be able to get a job in.

I attend something called folkehøgskole, which is a type of gap year where you go to school and have fun because your classes are what you find interesting, this can range from music to extreme sports and everything in between, many choose a year at folkehøgskole before deciding what to study, and oh my there will be a lot of people studying psychology, and I have yet to meet someone with the desire to study art. Because when choosing what to study, we are faced with the question, will I follow my passion, or will I do what is smart? Often the answer is a mix.

In this job market, we no longer have the opportunity to study based on interest, we have to take the job market in this chosen profession into account, we have to look at the salary, and how long we’ll have to study and at the end of that research, we ask ourselves “am I interested enough?” However, then follows the question “is it the right choice?”

Many will say that you can’t turn back time and that there are no second chances in life, but the thing is, you have the opportunity to start over any time you want. You have the unique ability to not only make a wrong choice but to be able to make a new one. Most people end up in a different profession than what they had planned, and they are doing fine. You can be 50 and take up classes or change your career. Realize that the rest of your life does not rest on this one choice, so stress about it, but don’t stress yourself out over it.

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