Diary entry from Nepal

I apologize for not posting anything last week, I had a migraine that lasted three days and excused myself from any screens. This is a diary entry from when I visited Nepal and some of the projects of strømme foundation. You can find more information on them here: https://strommestiftelsen.no/en


I am overwhelmed, and unable to process the myriad of impressions that have flooded every fiber of my being. Sharing has never been as prominent as it has been here. We don’t speak the same language, but touch each other’s hearts and minds in a way that words are unable. We share laughter, music, dance, food, tears, and joy. The people with the least, are the ones with the most to give.

“The people with the least, are the ones with the most to give.”

I expected to be shaken by the poverty which these people live, but have found that they are much richer than I am in the things that money cannot buy. I have met those who can make something out of nothing, creativity with no bounds. Those who seemingly draw inspiration out of thin air, those who are able to create opportunities when they can’t find any.

I am in awe, and grateful to not only meet these people, but also be able to help them, so that they can help themselves. I am grateful, or as my teacher says; I am gladful.

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