Prolonged self-hatred

Hi! I apologize for the lack of post the last weeks, I have travelled through europe for two weeks and decided to focus on the experiences, and give myself some time “off” writing. This is some thoughts I threw together into a text quickly, but hopefully you understand my train of thought.

The more you look at something the more weird it seems, have you ever tried looking at a word or an object for a prolonged time? Notice that the longer you look at something the weirder, or maybe wrong it seems. Maybe that’s why it is so easy to find beauty in others and so hard to find it in oneself.

We spend far more time looking at ourselves, than we do others, and we definitely spend more time in the company of ourselves than that of others. Maybe that’s why we find so many flaws in ourselves? Have you ever noticed that what you find beautiful in someone else is something they themselves see as a flaw? Maybe they aren’t flaws, we have just looked at them so long that they have started to look weird.

One thing that comforts me, in the midst of air filled with teen angst about the summerbody, is that I never have to worry about my body, I know that everyone else is worrying too much about their own to even look at mine. I know that we first look for the beauty in others, but unfortunately, often for a comparison of where we see ourselves as flawed.

Isn’t it then wonderful to think that everyone finds beauty in everyone, and sad to think we mostly find flaws in ourselves? Look at yourself through someone else’s eyes, and I promise you that whatever flaw that worries you, is something they either don’t even notice or something they find beautiful.

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