Small things you can do to help the climate

Often times I feel a bit overwhelmed and helpless about where the world, and especially the climate is heading. it can seem like there is nothing I can do to make it better or to stop the direction we are headed. However, I then remember that if everyone does something, it has a huge impact. The things we do individually don’t have to be big, we just have to do something, and if we all do that, I believe the world will be a better place soon.

Here are 18 things everyone can do to help cool off the planet:

  1. Use a backpack or a reusable shopping bag when shopping
  2. Avoid using a straw, and if you do, use a metallic one (or any reusable straw)
  3. Use your leftovers, and don’t buy more food than you can eat
  4. Pick up trash while going for a walk or run
  5. Have at least one meat-free day a week
  6. Leave your car at home, and walk/bike/use public transport whenever you can
  7. Recycle!
  8. Buy used, or clothes swap with friends
  9. Bring your own water bottle
  10. Refrain from buying helium balloons
  11. Turn the light off when you leave a room
  12. Take shorter showers
  13. Volunteer and participate in protests
  14. Vote!
  15. Plant a tree or two
  16. Buy locally
  17. Use a clothesline instead of the dryer when possible
  18. Switch out pads and tampons for a menstrual cup

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