I aim

A re-post from a previous blog, as you might see on the date I was around 15 when writing this. 26.01.15 Grab me, toss me, push me, drown me In a chaotic world, my mind is the chaos itself When I’m drowning, I won’t scream, I sink What a pity If you are the ocean,... Continue Reading →

Making the wrong choice

I think there comes a time in many young adults' life where they become paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong choice, what if what you end up spending 5 years of your life isn’t what you wanna do. What if you’re not good enough, what if you fail, what if you don’t accomplish... Continue Reading →


I turn off the faucet and witness the last drops of motivation fall down the drain. Surrounded by the crushing weight of my own responsibilities, but this is life. I walk through a cluttered room, where the floor is nothing, but a distant memory. I wonder when I stopped caring, picking up a third t-shirt... Continue Reading →

I”ll try again next year

So, 2018 didn’t exactly turn out the way you had planned or hoped for? Maybe you said the same for the years before too, the grass is always greener on the other side - or in this case after the bells ring in and the new year begins. Still, each year we cling on to... Continue Reading →

The productive comfortzone

A repost from my old blog, abirdjustflies. “Magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.” “Life happens outside your comfort zone.” A saying with many different variations, said by many different people. Still, the takeaway is the same. To reach your goals, to live your best life, you must step out of your comfort... Continue Reading →

Independent to a fault

I strongly identify as a strong, independent female who don't need no man (and as a lesbian don't really want one either). Another way to describe me is; independent to a fault, and I believe others could describe themselves in similar words. In a society that praises individuality, perseverance, and never needing to rely on... Continue Reading →

The extra mile

"If you are able to go the extra mile, you weren't going the distance to begin with." - Randal One idea I've found to be widely accepted is the notion that you can give something a 110%, or go the extra mile. My thinking on this differs a bit, I believe that if you are... Continue Reading →

Prioritizing success

If there is one sentence I catch both myself and others saying it is “I don't have the time.” Is that true? I don't think it is, I know that for myself, it is an excuse, the real reason we don't do things is that it isn't a priority to us. You might say you... Continue Reading →

Conditional vs. Unconditional love

Recently I had a class where the topic of the day was “human value,” this topic was interesting and even though I knew a lot from before, I was offered different perspectives. However, I did react to one thing that was said while speaking of our value to others, and their value to us. Personally,... Continue Reading →

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