I”ll try again next year

So, 2018 didn’t exactly turn out the way you had planned or hoped for? Maybe you said the same for the years before too, the grass is always greener on the other side - or in this case after the bells ring in and the new year begins. Still, each year we cling on to... Continue Reading →

The extra mile

"If you are able to go the extra mile, you weren't going the distance to begin with." - Randal One idea I've found to be widely accepted is the notion that you can give something a 110%, or go the extra mile. My thinking on this differs a bit, I believe that if you are... Continue Reading →

The explainer and the motivator

What makes a good life? Is it how much money you earn, how big your house is, how many followers you have? Or is it the relationships you build, your experiences, your own physical and mental well-being? Figuring out what you need in order to live a good life is a personal process, which I... Continue Reading →

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