Prolonged self-hatred

Hi! I apologize for the lack of post the last weeks, I have travelled through europe for two weeks and decided to focus on the experiences, and give myself some time "off" writing. This is some thoughts I threw together into a text quickly, but hopefully you understand my train of thought. The more you... Continue Reading →

Censoring the female body

We often discuss the dangers of exposing children and teens to heavily photoshopped and unattainable standards of how a beautiful women should look, and how this can hinder the growth of a good self esteem and confidence. I know I, myself often compare myself to others, whether that be grades, or how they look, and... Continue Reading →

1+1 = 3

There are many ways you can structure and define a relationship, the idea I apply to my life is “1+1=3" not in the way of making a baby, but in the way that two individual people come together and create a separate entity, which is the relationship.   I’ve found some images/badly created one in order to illustrate this... Continue Reading →

Independent to a fault

I strongly identify as a strong, independent female who don't need no man (and as a lesbian don't really want one either). Another way to describe me is; independent to a fault, and I believe others could describe themselves in similar words. In a society that praises individuality, perseverance, and never needing to rely on... Continue Reading →

Conditional vs. Unconditional love

Recently I had a class where the topic of the day was “human value,” this topic was interesting and even though I knew a lot from before, I was offered different perspectives. However, I did react to one thing that was said while speaking of our value to others, and their value to us. Personally,... Continue Reading →

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