I aim

A re-post from a previous blog, as you might see on the date I was around 15 when writing this. 26.01.15 Grab me, toss me, push me, drown me In a chaotic world, my mind is the chaos itself When I’m drowning, I won’t scream, I sink What a pity If you are the ocean,... Continue Reading →


I turn off the faucet and witness the last drops of motivation fall down the drain. Surrounded by the crushing weight of my own responsibilities, but this is life. I walk through a cluttered room, where the floor is nothing, but a distant memory. I wonder when I stopped caring, picking up a third t-shirt... Continue Reading →

De-stressing in a stressful world

As a person who has struggled with anxiety for most of my life I know the importance of taking time to relax. In a world of social media, we are constantly overwhelmed with information, and often always online in some kind of a way. Yes, there are plenty of positive sides of social media, the... Continue Reading →

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